New humanitarian flights will allow the return of Chileans and the transfer of migrants to countries of origin | National


In the coming days, the first of a series of new humanitarian flights will take place, which will allow the transfer of foreigners seeking to leave Chile and return to their countries of origin. as well as the return of people to our country.

It is an operation that is being carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is financed through a public-private alliance, and which is also coordinating with foreign ministries of other nations.

The first of them will leave Chile next Monday, July 13, for the Dominican Republic. This will carry 180 migrants who were waiting to return to their country. The next day, the same plane will return to Santiago, bringing a hundred Chilean citizens and resident foreigners, who were contacted by the Chilean Consulate in Santo Domingo.

In this regard, the minister of the branch, Teodoro Ribera, pointed out that “we have proven that public-private cooperation has given great results in the purpose that people who have been left behind from their families by the pandemic can return to their countries. We appreciate the collaboration of the countries that, making an exception, have been willing to open their borders to these planes and their compatriots. ”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the return plan will materialize through the contribution of the business fund raised by the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), which it considers take people from Colombia, Ecuador back to their countries, among others.

Each of these flights, as well as the one that will take place next Monday, contemplates bringing back Chileans who are stranded in those countries due to the closure of borders and the cancellation of trips due to Covid-19.

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