New Horizons will receive free updates on July 3, 2020

In time for the summer vacation Animal Crossing: New Horizons donated several free updates. This will be fun on the island paradise, because in view of the temperatures you can now swim, dive and collect marine animals from July 3, 2020. There are also new characters or objects, such as furniture from the mermaid series.

Who can find exhibits for the museum?

In the first update, players can get into diving suits and explore the fascinating underwater world. In the blue floods, the small inhabitants swim or search for marine animals that inhabit the island’s ecosystem. If you are lucky, you will find new exhibits for the museum. Eule Eugen then presents exciting fun facts.

While swimming, the players can also use the funny one Get to know sea otter Johannes. He’s crazy about scallops. So he asked everyone who discovered one while diving if he could swap it. For this purpose, those willing to swap will receive handicraft instructions for furniture from the mermaid series.

Who is the stranger on the coast?

After installing the free July update, someone who looks familiar always appears on the coast of the island. Strangely, he’s dressed like a pirate. Is that Gulliver? When players help him, he sends them a very special reward to express his gratitude.

But that’s not all summer 2020 for the players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will offer. Nintendo announced that details of another free update will be released in early August. This update will also suit the warm season.

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About Animal Crossing

The popular video game series from Nintendo first appeared in 2001. The player takes control of a human-like avatar that moves to a village inhabited by talking animals. He is usually given a small house by Tom Nook, has to earn money and trade with the other villagers.

About the author: Andreas Sturm is a freelance journalist and writes for IGN Germany. You can also see him on his private blog Games-Guide consequences.

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