New Honda Zr-V 2022-2023, SUV halfway between HR-V and CR-V that was also missing in price

Honda picks up the pace and completes its range in compact SUV segment. After the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic, the Japanese automaker is preparing to market a completely new model on the European market with the ZR-V hybrid SUV.

The latter will fill the gap in the range left between the small HR-V launched in 2022 and the CR-V family SUV. Under the hood, the European version of the Honda ZR-V is expected to replace the powertrain of its Japanese counterpart. We just have to find out up close:

This is what the new Honda Zr-V 2022-2023 SUV will look like

Honda ZR-V will use a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder associated with two electric motors with the ambition to offer dynamic performance similar to a 3.0-litre V6. Honda has not yet specified whether it will also retain all-wheel drive – the HR-V is a single-wheel drive – or if a configuration with only one electric motor – such as the new Civic e:HEV – will be available.

The new Honda ZR-V is part of the new strategy of the Japanese manufacturer for the European market, where only electrified models will be offered. In addition to the current range, the large CR-V should be renewed which will therefore offer the choice between hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines, an absolute novelty for the manufacturer. Honda will also market the e:Ny1, an all-electric compact SUV derived from the e:N SUV concept that would pit itself against the electric Hyundai Kona and MG ZS.

In the cockpit we should find the 9 inch touch screen10.2-inch digital instrumentation and a 12-speaker Bose system. Honda highlights the new grille, longer hood and sleek roofline as features that obviously set it apart from its predecessor. He said the crossover is sporty and personal and just the right size with the space and utility for an adventurous weekend getaway.

Honda Zr-V 2022-2023: opinions and perspectives

Originally planned for Brazil and China, the future Honda’s C-segment compact SUVthe ZR-V, will also be marketed in Europe in 2023. It will fit in the range between HR-V and CR-V. It will compete with cars such as Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage.

Unlike the future e:Ny1, which represents an all-electric version of the HR-V, the new ZR-V is expected to be hybrid only. The manufacturer believes that hybridization has an important role to play in reducing emissions and aiding the transition.

The Honda e:HEV system this is quite unusual for hybrid powertrains, as the petrol engine is not directly connected to the wheels. Instead, the engine works like a generator, producing electricity to drive the motors. There is also a small battery on board, which allows the powertrain to travel short distances on electric power alone.

On the cost side, the Honda ZR-V should be offered at a price between 33,000 and 35,000 euros to offer an offer halfway between theHR-V set at 32,000 euros and the CR-V starting from 37,000 euros.

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