New historical rise in the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound

Al-Marsad newspaper: The dollar exchange rate in Egypt rose by two plates at the end of the Central Bank transactions, yesterday, Tuesday, by 19.60 pounds for the purchase, and 19.70 pounds for the selling price, against 19.58 for the purchase, and 19.68 for the sale.

The highest level ever in banks

The exchange rate increased twice, in local banks in the middle of the transactions, and increased in the transactions of the Egyptian National Bank and the Egyptian National Bank from 19.59 pounds for the purchase and 19.65 pounds for the sale, at 19.61 for the purchase, and 19.67 for the sale, and recorded in Commercial International Bank transactions 19.63 pounds for the purchase and 19.69 pounds for the sale, compared to 19.61 for the purchase and 19.67 for sale.

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