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New Hearthstone Expansion Revealed

Blizzard presented the new Hearthstone expansion, called The Boomsday Project.

The company previously shared the expansion’s reveal video, which has since been removed, but it was enough for fans to find out what the plans were for their popular game.

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project will be emphasizing cards with Mechs, and as seen in The Witchwood, it has some absolutely crazy ideas that will surprise veterans.

Starting on July 23, Blizzard will begin revealing the new cards and also explaining the mechanics behind the new deck.

The watchword seems to be “Magnetic” and there are still new legendary spells on the way.

For those who pre-order The Boomdsday Project, Blizzard will introduce the usual 50-card deck and a new option, an 80-card deck with a legendary spell guarantee.

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