New Features of iOS 17 Update for iPhone Devices

New Features of iOS 17 Update for iPhone Devices

Learn about the features of the new “iOS 17” update for iPhone devices

In the accelerating world of technology, Apple once again brings us a new and exciting update to the iOS operating system, which is the “iOS 17” update. Before we immerse ourselves in the depth of the features of this new update, let us first take a look at important tips before the update, the new features, and the devices that will be able to receive this update and when it will be available to everyone.

Before updating to a new version of the operating system, such as iOS 17, it is good to consider some tips to ensure a successful and problem-free update process:

Tips before updating to iOS 17

1. Backup:

Make a complete backup of your device data using iCloud or iTunes. This will ensure that you will not lose any data if a problem occurs during the update.

2. Check compatibility:

Make sure your device is compatible with the new version of the operating system.

3. Update applications:

Update all applications installed on your device. There may be updates available that make apps compatible with the new version of the operating system.

4. Space saving:

Large updates may need a lot of space to install. Make sure you have enough space on your device before starting the update process.

5. Stable Internet connection:

Make sure you are connected to a stable and fast Wi-Fi network, as updates may be large.

6. Battery charging:

Make sure your device is 50 percent or more charged, or connected to a charger, to avoid losing power during the update.

7. Read the notes:

Before updating, read the release notes to be aware of changes and new features.

8. Avoid updating immediately:

If you’re not in desperate need of new features, you may want to wait a few days before updating. This allows other users to try out the new version and report any issues that may arise.

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Following these tips will help ensure a successful and problem-free update process. Now, let us discuss in detail what new features this update brings:

Features of the new update

1 – Personal voice

The personal voice feature is one of the most prominent additions in this update, as it allows users to generate sentences using their personal voice. You can prepare this feature by reading certain sentences for 15 minutes so that the system recognizes your voice. Once finished, you can convert any text you type into speech in your personal voice, making communication more personal and unique.

2- Mental health

The Health app update brings with it a new section dedicated to mental health. In this section, users can continuously record their psychological and mood states, documenting the factors and people that affect them. The app analyzes this data and provides an assessment of your psychological state, which helps predict potential psychological challenges and provides useful advice.

Useful feature to know the location of your friend (Apple)

3- Check-in feature

The Check-in feature in iMessage provides an effective way to track your location and destination, making it an especially useful tool if you have children or younger siblings. With this feature, you can easily share your current location and destination, providing updates if you are late or stuck for a certain period of time.

Making stickers has become easier and faster in the new system (Apple)


The Stickers feature in iOS 17 provides the ability to create custom stickers from photos and add various visual effects. You can turn any person or thing in a photo into a sticker and use it in your conversations and posts in any other app.

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You can convert voice messages into written text without having to open the audio (Apple)

5- iMessage improvements

The messaging app has seen notable developments. The most prominent of these improvements is enhancing the search function within messages, where the user can now easily access the first messages that have not been read in any conversation. To increase the effectiveness of communication, the feature of direct response to a specific message has been added by dragging it towards the left side, which makes the interaction within conversations smoother and more accurate and the possibility of converting voice messages to written texts without the need to open the audio clip.

6- Customize contacts and call screen

iOS 17 gives you the ability to customize your personal account and contacts with a photo, Memoji, or set of emojis. You can also customize the call background to make the call experience more personalized.

The “widgets” in the new system now interact with commands and touch (Apple)

8- “Widgets”

In this update, Apple introduces a new type of interactive “Widgets,” where you can click on some of the “Widgets” to execute specific commands without the need to enter the application designated for the “Widgets.”

9- Control settings from search

Through the search feature, you can now search for specific settings such as “WIFI” or “Bluetooth” and activate or disable them directly from the search results.

You can now download Apple Maps and use them without the Internet (Apple)

10- Maps without internet

This feature enables you to download certain maps for use without the need for an Internet connection, making navigation easier in areas where Internet service is not available.

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11- Assistant “SIRI”

Minor updates to SIRI Assistant allow users to call SIRI by name and request multiple things at once.

“Animation” and performance improvements in the “AirDrop” feature, and it now supports transferring your contact to others (Apple)

12- الـ«AirDrop»

New updates to the “AirDrop” feature make the process of sharing files easier and faster, and you can share your contact with anyone else by simply bringing your device closer to the other device.

New feature allows users to see selected information while charging (Apple)

13- الـ«Standby Mode»

“Standby Mode” in “iOS 17” is a new feature that allows users to clearly see selected information when the iPhone is placed in a horizontal position while charging. Users can view the clock, photos, and various widgets. The content displayed can be customized through settings.

14- Compatible devices and release dates

Apple has confirmed the following list of iPhones that will receive the iOS 17 update:

– All iPhone 14 and 15 phones.

– iPhone 13 phones.

– All versions of “iPhone 12”.

– “iPhone 11” (all versions).

– “iPhone XS”, “iPhone Xs Max”, and “iPhone XR”.

– “iPhone SE” (second generation and later versions, such as iPhone SE 2022).

As for release dates, the official version of “iOS 17” will be launched today, September 18, 2023, after eight o’clock in the evening, Mecca time.

The iOS 17 update is a new step from Apple towards providing a better and more personalized user experience. With a variety of new features and improvements, this update is expected to be among the most exciting updates from Apple in recent years.

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