New Features and Updates in Microsoft Windows 11: What to Expect in Version 22H2 and Beyond

New Features and Updates in Microsoft Windows 11: What to Expect in Version 22H2 and Beyond

At the premiere of the new Surfaces, Microsoft revealed what new Windows will offer. At the end of September, we are expecting a package of news that we will receive as part of the stable version 22H2. Microsoft claims 150 new features, but this also includes invisible modifications and new features in applications (these can be updated regardless of the system version).

Windows Copilot. The AI ​​assistant was announced in May, the later first phase of testing did not convince us. It’s the same Copilot as the one in Edgi. This is a website that does not run without Edge and an internet connection. It can work with some Windows functions, we cannot talk about deep integration.

Scout. Another part of the file manager will undergo a redesign, this time the navigation and toolbar and the home section. You can view the images in the Gallery, which loads images from the folders you select. If other news will be included, such as moving tabs between windows or support for RAR and 7Z archives, the Redmonds do not mention.

Main panel. Taskbar icons no longer need to be grouped together. Microsoft has been testing the function since the summer, during development the settings were simplified. Independently determine the behavior of the main panel on the primary and other screens.

AI recommends files. Recommendations appear in Explorer and the Start menu. This only applies to business accounts.
Outlook. We have written several times this year about how the web-based Outlook postman will replace the integrated Mail and Calendar. Microsoft previously stated that it would replace the outdated Mail with Outlook in 2024. However, the new client has already gotten rid of the beta version label and households can use it if they are interested download from Stor. It will be pre-installed only in Windows 11 23H2. Offline does not work yet, IMAP and iCloud accounts have recently been supported. Microsoft showed a modified logo that combines the classic Outlook and Mail logos.

Windows Backup. The new backup tool was first introduced in May at Build. It has also become part of Windows 10 to facilitate your migration to Windows 11. It will also serve to transfer settings, for example, when reinstalling Eleven.

Passkey. This technology is supposed to replace password logins on the web. In Windows 11, it connects with Hello. This allows you to log in to websites with your fingerprint, infrared camera or PIN.

Detecting your presence. If you have a computer with a presence sensor, the screen brightness will automatically decrease in your absence. The setup is simpler, you can set the technology even during the initial setup of the system after installation.

Voice control. Edit text documents more easily. Voice control is also available on the lock screen or login screen.
Settings. In addition to many small changes, you’ll also notice bigger news. Settings includes a home section, containing the most common preferences and information.

Notepad. The classic tool, which has had a panel environment since spring, has learned to automatically save divided work. It remembers the session, so it will also show unsaved changes after startup. You can change the behavior to the original model. Microsoft first showed this feature at the end of August.

Photo. Microsoft uses AI to make it easy for you to blur the background behind an object. It only takes a few clicks, the program detects the object in the foreground by itself, although you can help it. Photos will also search for photos by location. The cloud service analyzes images from OneDrive by content, so you can search by photographed objects. Microsoft has been publicly testing the news since mid-September.

Painting. During September, the Redmonds revealed unexpected news, but they hid one up their sleeve. Painting can automatically remove the background around the object in the photo. It also supports layers and transparency. All this is complemented by Cocreator, which integrates generative AI into Painting. You can replace the removed background with a creative creation from the generator. Dall-e 3 will probably be standing in the background.

Cuttings. The video can also be recorded with the sound of a microphone or from a computer. They also support OCR, so they will read the text on the images and you can easily copy it. You black out the sensitive information contained in the text in the image, in the case of e‑mail addresses and phone numbers, this should work automatically. Microsoft publicly tested the news since September.

Clipchamp. The program will suggest edits for you, e.g. advise you on the sequence of scenes.

Instant play. You can start some simple games from the Store immediately and without the need for installation.
Windows Hello for Business. Login without passwords is finally available on computers where you log in with Entra ID (AAD). A password is not required in key scenarios when using the computer.
Windows 365 Switch. As promised last year, switching to virtual machines in the cloud is as easy as switching to a virtual desktop. Windows 365 is integrated into this offer. It is also possible to set the computer to boot directly to the cloud computer.

There is no difference between switching between virtual desktops with computers

Dev Home a Dev Drive. The new developer environment is meant to make it easier for software developers to set up their PC. Home also adds performance monitoring widgets. Drive is a new type of volume formatted with ReFS and optimized for some development tasks.

Microsoft doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the update contains improvements that the Redmonds didn’t mention. For example, Passkeys are missing from their text overview, but they are mentioned in the promo video and the support website.

Release and version designation

Microsoft vaguely states in the press release that novinky do Windows 11 22H2 will arrive on September 26. The twist reveals a blog post Windows IT Pro, which I noticed the day after I finished writing the article and edited the edition and version number passages several times. Microsoft does not know how to communicate clearly and openly, so drawing a conclusion from the information it publishes is not a trivial matter.

It will be released in September optional update, which you will have to install manually. Controlled distribution will begin in the fourth quarter, the Redmonds do not communicate the exact date. (October 10th, when the patches will be released, is the first to come into consideration.) However, they describe that when it starts, we will already be talking about Windows 11 version 23H2.

It will still be the same edition, it just happens to be relabeled. Yes, it’s another innovation in Windows publishing approach. Microsoft can talk vaguely about the fourth quarter for two reasons.

This may be because the distribution will (almost certainly) be controlled, so that the news led by Copilot will be activated gradually. Or Microsoft doesn’t know when they will release the update. He’ll probably still be debugging, so he might not be able to say exactly when it’ll be ready. If he gets the impression that October 10 is still early, he can push the release to November or even December.

I hope I am interpreting the mysterious communication correctly. In case you doubted my sanity, I am attaching a quote from the named blog:

„On September 26th, Copilot in Windows will start to roll out in September 2023 optional non-security update for Windows 11, version 22H2–and will be available behind the commercial control for continuous innovation. It will later be included in Windows 11, version 23H2, the annual feature update for Window 11, which will be released in Q4 of this calendar year. With the feature update, Copilot in Windows will be on by default, but under your control with Microsoft Intune policy or Group Policy.“

Microsoft presents the September news on video:

Resources: Microsoft / Support | The Official Microsoft Blog | Outlook Blog

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