New Features and Formalities to Know for June: Le Figaro’s Summary

Le Figaro takes stock of the new features that accompany the change of month, and the steps you will quickly have to take.

The arrival of the month of June is accompanied by some novelties, but it also marks the home stretch to complete certain formalities. Here’s what you need to know:

Insurance contracts can be terminated “in 3 clicks”

It’s the end of long procedures and registered letters to terminate your insurance contracts. As of June 1, it will now be possible to terminate them “in three clicks», in favor of more advantageous contracts. This “cancel button» applies to current and future contracts and concerns insurance contracts covering natural persons outside their professional activities. The text of the law specifies that companies must “provide the consumer with a free functionality to perform, electronically, the notification and the steps necessary for the termination of the contract “. The device will soon be extended to other services, such as telephony or electricity.

Government launches ‘forest weather forecast’ to fight fires

While more than 72,000 hectares of vegetation were ravaged by fires during the summer of 2022, the government is launching a new tool from June 1: forest weather. The goal? Inform the public about the risks of fire outbreaks in their department. On the site of Météo-France, a map will present four levels of vigilance which take into account parameters such as the dryness of the vegetation, the air temperature, the level of rain or the humidity rate. In the departments presenting a higher level of risk, prevention messages will be disseminated in order to encourage the population to adapt their behavior accordingly.

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Measures to fight against financial anarchists

As of June 1, banking, insurance and finance professionals registered in the Orias register must be able to provide a method of contact intended for the public. This new measure, which aims to “fight against financial scams with usurpation of the identity of intermediaries”, according to the decree of December 6, 2022, allows consumers to check that the professional or intermediary is authorized to practice and whether or not he meets the requirements for the exercise of his profession.

Taxes: have you completed your tax return?

Have you thought about completing your tax return? If it is already too late for some French people, there is very little time left for the inhabitants of departments ranging from 20 to 54, who have until June 1 at 11:59 p.m. to validate their declaration online. For departments 55 and beyond, there are a few more days left, you have until June 8, 11:59 p.m.

Gas: watch out, it’s almost the end of regulated prices

The end of regulated gas sales tariffs (TRVG) is set for June 30, 2023 for individuals and condominiums. After this period, the 2.55 million households concerned must have switched to another offer. Otherwise, they will be assigned a potentially more expensive default offer, although it is possible to cancel it. This price framework was ultimately deemed not to comply with European law by the Council of State in 2017 because it constitutes « an obstacle to the creation of a competitive gas market ». Electricity contracts at the regulated tariff are maintained for the time being.

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Do not forget to declare your real estate

Since January 1, 2023, all owners of residential property are subject to a new reporting obligation. Individuals or companies have until June 30, 2023 to make their declaration, from the government’s online service “Manage my properties”. Each owner must indicate in what capacity he occupies this accommodation, whether it is a main or secondary residence. If it is a property occupied by a third party, it will be necessary to inform the identity of the occupants and the period of occupation of the accommodation.

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