New Facts Case of Women in Sorong Burned Alive: There are 2 Suspects, 1 Suspected Perpetrator Arrested

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are the latest facts about women’s cases in the City shoveSouthwest Papua, burned alive.

Named woman Wage Suti (40) became a victim of mass rampage to death.

The incident where women were burned alive occurred at Kilometer 8 Lorong II, Klasabi Village, District shove Manoi, Kota shoveTuesday (24/1/2023) at 06.30 WIT.

At that time, the masses suspected Wage Suti is a criminal.

So, what are the new facts of this case?

2 People Become Suspects

Police have named two suspects in the case women were burned alive in the City shove.

The two suspects are men with the initials FT and AT.

“The status of both of them has been raised to become suspects,” said the Sorong City Police Chief, Kombes Pol Happy Perdana Yudianto, Saturday (28/1/2023), reported

Police have 4 names

Kombes Pol Happy Perdana Yudianto continued, there were four names in the pockets of the police in the case women were burned that alive.

The four names were pocketed by the police based on the results of the investigation of the suspects FT and AT.

“The results of our investigation already have four names, this is based on the suspect’s statement,” said Happy Perdana.

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A number of residents in Sorong City, Southwest Papua, burned a woman alive at Kilometer 8 Sorong City, Southwest Papua, Tuesday (24/1/2023). (Resident Doc)

Police Arrest 1 Suspected Perpetrator

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