New fact, Sheikh Ali Jaber’s awl did not experience mental disorders

LAMPUNG, – The suspect with initials AA (24) stabbed Syekh Ali Jaber, confirmed under normal conditions.

According to the police, AA did not have a mental disorder.

The conclusion was obtained after the psychiatric team from the Pusdokes Polri examined and observed suspect AA in a question and answer session.

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Head of Regional Police Public Relations Lampung Kombes Zahwani Pandra Arsyad said, after a question and answer session was held, the psychiatric team stated that the suspect did not have a mental disorder.

“The suspect can answer questions from a psychiatrist. So the suspect is still conscious,” said Pandra when contacted, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

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AA was already detained after being arrested for stabbing Sheikh Ali Jaber.

The incident occurred when the cleric attended the Tahfidz Al-Quran Graduation at the Falahudin Mosque, Lampung, on Sunday (9/13/2020) afternoon.

Pandra said from the examination it was also known that the suspect AA stabbed Sheikh Ali Jaber because he felt depressed by the voice of the cleric.

Suspect AA admitted that he was nervous about hearing Sheikh Ali Jaber’s voice, which at that time was heard from his house.

“The suspect admitted to being anxious by the voice of Sheikh Ali Jaber and went straight to the scene, then stabbed the victim,” said Pandra.

However, according to Pandra, this was only based on the suspect’s confession.

“We are still investigating this case,” said Pandra.

As is known, the attack incident was experienced by Sheikh Ali Jaber while he was on stage.

A young man suddenly headed towards him and stabbed Sheikh Ali Jaber with a kitchen knife.

As a result of the stabbing, Sheikh Ali Jaber suffered a stab wound to his right shoulder.


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