New evidence. Woods rode like a shampoo before the accident. Will he lose his driver’s license?

Police already know the other causes of Tiger Woods’ February accident, and the 45-year-old American golfer did not drive before the crash according to traffic regulations.

“The primary factor in this accident was driving at a dangerous speed on the road and the inability to keep going on the road,” said police chief Alex Villanueva, according to whom Woods was driving in a place where the maximum allowed speed is 45 mph (approx. 70 km / h), at a speed of over 80 mph (over 130 km / h).

According to police data, Woods was probably confused before the accident and accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake. Microsleep can also be behind its actions.

A previous investigation has also definitively ruled out that the 15-time winner of the tournament major would drink alcohol before the ride. No drugs were found in the blood either.

The police will not prosecute Tiger Woods, and according to the investigator, the golfer will not be punished for violating traffic regulations, ie there is no risk of a fine or loss of a driver’s license.

The 45-year-old American is already recovering at home after the accident.

Police ended the investigation at the end of March, but had to wait for Tiger Woods’ approval to publish it:


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