New EU sanctions package • Putin signs illegal annexation

No indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons

According to the United States, Russia is not preparing to use nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine, despite Russian warnings that it will draw on its entire arsenal if necessary.

“We take nuclear weapons or nuclear threats very seriously. But I would say that we have seen no reason to change our nuclear position, nor do we have any indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons soon,” the secretary said. White House Press.

In announcing the mobilization of the Russians at the front, Putin alluded to the use of nuclear weapons. He did the same at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. The United States has already informed the Kremlin what kind of feedback it can expect from the use of nuclear weapons. It is not known exactly what message was conveyed. Experts say there will not necessarily be a nuclear response, but the Russian fleet in the Black Sea could, for example, be disabled.

In April of this year, Russia reportedly tested a ballistic missile, which the US says can carry more than ten nuclear warheads:


Of intercontinental Sarmat-raket

Putin signs the illegal annexation, the EU arrives with a new package of sanctions

President Putin has signed the illegal annexation of the four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk and Zaporizhzhya. According to him, about 15 percent of Ukraine’s land area is now part of Russia. The annexations were announced after bogus referendums in the regions which would show that a large part of the population wants to belong to Russia.

In response to the annexation, the European Union is discussing today the eighth package of sanctions against Russia. Part of this is a ceiling on the price of Russian oil. The union’s foreign affairs representative, Josep Borrell, says member states are likely to reach a final agreement today. What else is expected later in the day to be included in the sanctions package, which is intended to further damage Russia financially.


The Ukrainian advance of Kherson has stopped

According to a Russian-installed government official from the Kherson annexed region, the Ukrainian advance into the southern region has halted. He told the Russian state news agency TASS.

In recent days, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have booked rapid progress in the southern region of the country. The army is said to have liberated tens of kilometers along the western bank of the Dnieper River. Both the Ukrainian and the Russian side confirmed the reconquest of several places.

The Russians’ claim that the Ukrainian advance was stopped has not been verified.

British intelligence: the Ukrainian army continues to make progress

In northeastern Ukraine, the country’s armed forces have entered a new Russian defense line. This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense. The army has recaptured “a substantial portion” on the east side of the Oskil River. This brings them closer to a new Russian troop supply hub, the city of Svatove.

Last weekend the city of Lyman was recaptured, which was also a strategically important location for the Russian army. The Ukrainian armed forces are now on the Lugansk border, a region that President Zelensky is eager to recapture. Last week, that part of Ukraine was illegally annexed to Russia, along with the Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions.

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