“New Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trailer reveals Melina lookalike from Elden Ring”

One character in the new Dragon’s Dogma 2 The trailer reveals a strikingly similar look Elden ringThe iconic character, Melina. The similarities between the two are so obvious that there are any Elden ring You will be able to notice a fan.

Disclosure announcement Dragon’s Dogma 2 It was shown during the PlayStation Showcase that took place on May 24, 2023. The character who looks like Milena appears at about 25 seconds in the trailer, and has about a second of screen time. While only on screen for a short second, it was more than enough time for anyone to wonder if it was Melina.

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Both FromSoftware Elden ring and capcom Dragon’s Dogma 2 These are games that take place in a high fantasy setting, so it’s not very far-fetched that any two characters might have similar characteristics. Reportedly, Milena has yet to be named Dragon’s Dogma 2 The personality is too similar to be noticed.

When thinking of the girl Melina, people will automatically remember her dark robe that she wears in every interaction with the player character in V Elden ring. character in the new Dragon’s Dogma 2 The trailer has a nearly identical dark cape draped around their shoulders. In addition, both characters wear very similar, faded brown clothing under their respective robes.

What’s more, both of these characters have reddish hair of similar lengths. The main difference with their hair is that Melina from Elden ringHis hair is a lighter red color, while this character is from Dragon’s Dogma 2 It has a much darker colour. However, they have a similar texture to their own hair.

With such striking similarities between the appearance of these characters, one might wonder if… Dragon’s Dogma 2 The character of the trailer was an intended nod to FromSoftware and Elden ring fans. Both games are set in epic fantasy worlds which means there is a high probability that there will be many more Elden ring Fans will be tuned in to play Dragon’s Dogma 2And the inclusion of a character familiar to those fans would be fun. Likes Elden ringthe original Dragon’s Dogma It’s a highly acclaimed video game, and for something on a massive scale like that to admit its popularity, Soulsborne remains a niche game Elden ringis sure to generate a lot of noise.

Another thing fans might be wondering is how similar the characters are in the game. in Elden ringMilena is the maiden who guides and assists the player character on his adventure, and provides important upgrades Elden ringTorrent, a horse that players can ride across the lands in between. maybe Dragon’s Dogma 2A character will have a similar role in helping the player in some way. Due to the piece of dialogue revolving around this character’s appearance, the character is likely to be crucial to the story.

As of now, it is unclear if the red-haired character shown in the trailer is an NPC or if it is a player-created character. the original Dragon’s Dogma It involved creating characters and custom followers called Pawns, so it’s fair to assume that Dragon’s Dogma 2 He will display it too. If it is a created pawn or player character, this may be a glimpse of the potential available in the game Dragon’s Dogma 2Character customization options upon release of the game. Makes Melina’s lookalike in The Distilled Think of it all Elden ring Characters that fans can replicate Dragon’s Dogma 2 arousing. There are many interesting characters that players can recreate such as Malenia, Blaidd, and maybe even Ranni the Witch.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 In development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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