New Dpcm, the knot on the school issue

The requests to Minister Azzolina concern more clarity on distance learning and staggered admissions. The governors then push for recruitment and ask for firm guidelines for transportation

Among the new measures present in the dpcm sul coronavirus (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIAL) which should be operational on Monday 19, the question of the school is fundamental. With hundreds of institutions throughout Italy closed or with quarantined classes (LA GALLERY), the case of Campania where the lessons were suspended until 30 October, the debate is still open and negotiations continue at the discussion table between the government and the Regions.

The clash with Minister Azzolina


New anti-Covid Dpcm, Conte’s announcement expected tonight

The president of the association of Municipalities Decaro took the floor during the morning’s work and stopped the summit between the government and the Regions: “We want to be collaborative – he declared – but this is not good”. of the Minister of Education Azzolina, but some participants – among them the vice president of the Campania Region Bonavitacola – criticized the attitude of the minister who proposed to convene the conference of services for greater coordination, premising that “teaching remains in the presence for all”.

Clear answers on distance learning


Coronavirus in Italy and in the world, the latest news. DIRECT

A part of distance teaching, explained Decaro and Manfredi, head of the University, is already carried out by the institutes. But some governors have returned to the attack, demanding clear answers. These include the possibility of ‘forcing’ on the principle of school autonomy, providing that during the Covid emergency the Regions can impose admission times for greater staggering. “The only discordant note was Minister Azzolina on schools: for distance learning, clear and immediate rules are needed. Enough inconclusive tables”, says the governor of Liguria Toti. While the governor of Lombardy, Fontana, said he agreed with the minister on the need to “differentiate the start time of other activities”.

l school bus and hiring node


Coronavirus, Locatelli: “We are not in a panic situation”

Several presidents of regions have insisted on the issue of transport, reporting that they already use tourist buses. The governor of Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini, referred to the images of gatherings on the buses. The requests also made include that of hiring more permanent staff. “It is the decisive weapon to enhance the response of the national health service to the Covid emergency”, said the president of Abruzzo, Marsilio. “On schools, universities and transport, the proposals of the Regions and local authorities are common sense”, explained the head of Regional Affairs Boccia.

Minister De Micheli: “Staggered entry to high school”


From school to health, a 40 billion bill: the measures

Transport Minister Paola de Micheli, who spoke to Half an hour more on Rai Tre, stated that “there will not be a reduction in the filling rate of local means of transport, but the adoption of other measures: staggered admission for high schools, different hours for workers and greater use of smart working compared to the current 50% “. As regards the movement of workers, De Micheli explained that “greater control has been agreed with the companies on the platforms of the subways to facilitate up and down flows”.


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