New Dpcm, sports and bars and restaurants: what are the new restrictions

Parties prohibited on the premises and for banquets after the ceremonies you can have a maximum of 30 guests, people will not be able to stand still in front of bars and restaurants, but not even in groups in parks or streets. The government’s squeeze in the new Dpcm (the Prime Minister’s decree) to contain infections from Covid-19 focuses above all on social life and in the areas of nightlife. Stop contact sports and set new rules for stadium capacity. But it also confirms the ban on school trips and off-site student activities. The rules proposed by the government have also been given the green light by the Technical Scientific Committee who met last night to analyze every point of the provision that imposes stricter restrictions than the one in force until yesterday. The possibility for the governors to sign more restrictive ordinances than the rules set by the government is confirmed, but any relaxation will have to be agreed with Rome.

Only 30 guests

The rules for religious ceremonies remain unchanged and therefore with a limit linked to the capacity and the possibility of maintaining the interpersonal distance of 1 meter. But for banquets a limit of 30 guests is set, however, following the rules already provided for in the protocols and therefore the spacing of one meter between people and the obligation to wear a mask when not sitting at the table. The buffets are allowed only while maintaining the distance and the dining room staff must distribute food and drinks.

Bars and restaurants

Time limits and limits for the administration of food and drinks are set for public places: The activities of the catering services (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops) are allowed until 24.00 with table service and until 21.00 in the absence of table service. It will be possible to stay inside and outside but always seated, otherwise it is forbidden to stay after 9 pm because the government provision reaffirms the prohibition of gathering. However, food and beverage outlets in hospitals and airports remain open.

Soccer and basketball

All competitions, competitions and all activities related to contact sports having an amateur character are prohibited. Scientists believe they are a source of contagion since Covid-19 is transmitted through the droplet that increases the moment you do physical activity. And therefore stop playing soccer and basketball games with friends. On the other hand, gyms and schools for children will be able to continue as long as they respect the protocols and guidelines already approved.

Seats in the stadium

the presence of the public is allowed, with a maximum filling percentage of 15% of the total capacity and in any case not exceeding the maximum number of 1,000 spectators for outdoor sports events and 200 spectators for indoor sports events, exclusively in sports facilities in which it is possible to ensure the reservation and prior assignment of the seat, with adequate volumes and air changes, provided that the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least one meter both front and side is ensured, with the obligation to measure the temperature access and use of the mask.

October 13, 2020 (change October 13, 2020 | 07:05)



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