New Dpcm for Covid: gyms and closed swimming pools. Stop for the Amateurs

In the draft of the new Dpcm, only top sporting events at national level are allowed. In football forward Serie A, B, C and D, but everything else crashes

Sport with bated breath. The tightening that the Government will decide in the next few hours – perhaps a new Dpcm will be signed tomorrow – will certainly affect all contact sports at all amateur levels. But the crackdown will also lead to the closure of swimming pools and gyms. Despite the results of the checks on compliance with the protocols, they gave reassuring results in the vast majority of cases. As recalled by the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora who a week ago wrenched some time in the face of pressure from scientists and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. But “sports” closures are now not so much about the risk of contact during the activity, but rather an attempt to keep people at home, with the only exceptions of school and work.

The draft

From what emerges from a first draft of the Dpcm, but the text is being continually rewritten, only top sporting events at national level would be allowed, therefore the regional one would be skipped: therefore Serie A, B, C and D would play in football , but all the activity from Excellence downwards would stop (in practice hundreds of teams are blocked), in women yes to Serie A and B; in 5-a-side football, Serie A, A2 and B for men and A and A2 for women; in basketball ok at the national championships of A, A2, B in men (but the latter two had already postponed the start to November 22) and A1 and A2 women; in handball A1 and A2 are allowed for men and women (women still had to start). And among the measures there would also be a return to closed doors: therefore no more public, not even the famous thousand granted in Serie A and the 200 in the sports halls. Finally, the activity of gyms and swimming pools would be suspended, but that in public and private sports centers would be allowed.

The appeal

Among the first to react to the new measures, Anif, the National Association of Sport and Fitness Facilities, which launched an appeal to Conte on social media: “Let’s save the sports centers! Although it has been shown that they are less than one per thousand in Covid, despite the Nas checks have shown that they are observant of the anti Covid protocols, despite the fact that they have always represented an important part of citizens with a healthy lifestyle and therefore very careful not to catch or transmit the virus, we speak again of closure! You count on evaluating the situation well, because closing also means destroying sport and putting 1,000,000 workers, 100,000 sports centers and 20,000,000 practitioners in extreme difficulty “.


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