New! Download GB WA (GB WhatsApp) Not on PlayStore, Know the advantages of this application and how

PURBALINGGAKU – New information download GB WA (GB WhatsApp) not in playstore, know the advantages application this and how.

Download GB WhatsAppuntil now to be application which is trending and has been sought after in addition to having many interesting features, it is also different from the previous WhatsApp.

However, for download GB WhatsApp the new version is not in playstore is application illegal.

Although, New Version Download GB WhatsApp not yet available in Playstoreit would be nice to find out the risks.

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Before downloading GB WA or GB WhatsApphere’s how to install and its advantages.

1. Go to settings, you can select Security option.

2. In the list, you will see Unknown Sources, which are disabled by default.

3. Tap to turn it on so you can download and install application anything from unknown sources.

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