New Document Reveals 23 Secret US Wars Around the World


Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) run on the streets of Raqqa, Syria. Photo/REUTERS

WASHINGTON – The United States (US) has reportedly used a secret authority called “127e” to launch about two dozen proxy wars since 2017.

The report was revealed in an article published on Friday (1/7/2022) by The Intercept.

The Intercept claims to have obtained never-before-seen documents and spoken to top officials with in-depth knowledge of the program.

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Intercept receives documents through the Freedom of Information Act. The media claims this paper is the first official confirmation that some 14 proxy wars called “program 127e” were active in the Middle East and wider Asia-Pacific region as recently as 2020.

In total, the Pentagon reportedly launched 23 different 127e programs worldwide between 2017 and 2020, costing US taxpayers $310 million.

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The Intercept explains, “127e is one of several barely-known authorities granted to the Department of Defense by Congress over the past two decades. It authorizes US commandos to conduct ‘counterterrorism operations’ in collaboration with foreign and irregular partner forces around the world with minimal outside oversight.”

The program allows the US to arm, train, and provide intelligence to foreign troops.

However, unlike traditional foreign aid programs, which focus on building local capacity in partner countries, the 127e “replacement forces” are expected to follow U.S. orders and carry out Washington-directed missions against U.S. adversaries to achieve American goals, essentially serving as soldiers. Pentagon proxy.

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