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Subarachnoid cerebral hemorrhage (SAH) – type stroke, in which blood from a ruptured artery is poured into the cavity between the arachnoid and the pia mater, which leads to an acute violation of cerebral circulation and in half of the cases ends in death. A previous large study involving nearly 80,000 twins from Denmark, Finland and Sweden showed that the causes of SAH are not genetic, but related to environmental factors.

To determine which factors increase the risk of SAH, researchers from the University of Helsinki (Finland), whose article published In the magazine Stroke, analyzed data on more than 16 thousand pairs of Finnish same-sex twins (over 32 and a half thousand people). All these people were born before 1958, and information about them was collected for more than 42 years.

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The data concerned, inter alia, the level of education, smoking, level of physical activity, body mass index, level of alcohol consumption, and the presence of hypertension. During the observation period, 120 people died as a result of the SAK.

Analysis of the collected information on cases when only one of the twins died from SAH (this situation occurred in 58 couples), showed that smoking is the main risk factor.

The results of the study allow us to state with confidence that there is a direct causal relationship between smoking and SAH, the researchers emphasize.

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