New crown wave: ‘Animo with district nurses for vaccination’

D.The most recent data from RIVM indicate a new wave of the crown; the number of positives in the corona test is clearly increasing. Last week (week 39), the GGD recorded 19,000 positive corona tests, up from 12,200 the week before. All healthcare sectors have their own plans for a possible wave. What does this mean for district nursing professionals?

RIVM says the pressure on health care and society appears to be limited and is likely to remain so for the time being. Valerie Schipper, chair of the V&VN district nursing department and herself district nurse, noted a limited increase in the number of infections among colleagues and clients. “The latter group has often contracted the infection from children or grandchildren.”

There’s also a cold virus right now, Schipper says. “We ask district nurses who test negative on the covid test, but have a cold, to wear a nose-to-mouth mask.” According to Schipper, there seemed to be some reluctance among neighborhood professionals to get vaccinated against the crown again. “But now that they see that the number of crown cases is on the rise, there is considerable enthusiasm for the jab.”

Interruption for crown still limited

About 2.3 million people over 70 live independently in our country. The number of people aged 70 and over who tested positive at home was 588 people on one day in week 39; or 297 more than the previous value in week 38. On average, 25 out of 100,000 people over the age of 70 test positive for Covid.

This increase is not (yet) really felt by district nurses. There are also no signs of massive absenteeism due to infections. But that doesn’t mean there is enough staff. Because it stays tight in district nursing, Schipper says. “The hope is therefore that the number of district nurses who drop out due to the coronavirus remains limited.”

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