New COVID-19 vaccination ‘super station’ opens in Chula Vista

This Thursday a new ‘super station’ for vaccination against COVID-19 opened in Chula Vista, which in this first stage will be available to workers in the health sector, people over 75 years of age and those in long-term care centers.

In what will be the second station of its kind in the county and the first in the south zone, located in the old Sears store building in the Chula Vista Center shopping center (565 Broadway), up to 5,000 vaccines will be administered per day, and to receive one it is required make an appointment in advance.

The site will be operated in collaboration between the County of San Diego, the City of Chula Vista and Sharp Healthcare Hospital. It will be open from Monday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

Authorities praised the opening of this space, since Chula Vista, along with other communities in the south of the county, have been among the most affected by the pandemic.

“This is due to many reasons, including that many of the residents are part of the essential workforce of this community,” recalled Nora Vargas, County Supervisor who represents the communities of the southern zone.

This location was chosen because it was intended to be known and close to public transport stations, Vargas explained. In the same building to the rear, there is a testing center for COVID-19, so residents are familiar with the area, he added.

It was also required to be roofed so that weather conditions would not affect service.

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The vaccination center has bilingual staff and from the moment you are in line you can consult a sign that tells you in which of the care modules Spanish is spoken.

Once the vaccine is given, the person should rest for about 15 minutes in a monitoring area so that health personnel can make sure that there was no reaction to the dose.

Up to 5000 vaccines per day will be available at the Chula Vista Super Station.

(Alexandra Mendoza / UT in Spanish)

Scott Evans, Vice President of Sharp Healthcare indicated that appointments will be scheduled one week at a time to ensure vaccine inventory. “If there were more vaccines available we could open more appointments,” he added.

Evans called on the community to be responsible and get vaccinated to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas seconded the idea. “We need this as a fundamental piece to get out of this pandemic and that our lives get back on their way,” agreed the mayor, who asked to trust the vaccine.

“I am bringing my own 97-year-old mother to get vaccinated. If I can trust them to the most important person in my life, then we can trust that they will do it for others, “he added.

“People must be confident and know that scientists have worked to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective.”

About 40 volunteers, including nurses, firefighters and nursing students, are in charge of administering the vaccines. Many of them speak Spanish.

Beylor Meza, Chief Operating Officer of Success Education Colleges, an educational institution that takes volunteers to the vaccination center, highlighted the importance of serving the community in their language.

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“There is a lot of misinformation about the vaccine in our Latino community and there is a lot of fear,” he lamented. “It is important that they know that this is the best way to defend against a serious episode of COVID-19.”

The appointment for the vaccine must be made through the internet on the site


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