New clashes in Belfast despite Gb and Dublin appeals – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – BELFAST, APRIL 08 – Despite the appeals for calm in London and Dublin, new violence has been taking place tonight in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for a week that has been the scene of clashes that have not been seen for years. A chronicler of the AFP found this.

Stones, bullets and Molotov cocktails were thrown at law enforcement in Belfast, where dog units and riot police are deployed.

The AFP journalistic source noted on the spot that signs of tension and preparations even today, after six consecutive nights of clashes, were already visible in the afternoon, like young people seen collecting bricks in supermarket trolleys.

Peace, after the 1998 Good Friday agreements that put an end to decades of ‘troubles’ with over 3,000 dead, “is only superficial,” notes Fiona, 56 / year old Belfast resident, according to whom the grudge “is deeply rooted.

It is not just a question of Brexit “, he adds. (ANSA).



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