“New Bundesliga Season Mode: Schwerin Volleyball Team’s Third Duel with Top Teams Before Play-Offs”

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The Schwerin volleyball team faces a third duel with the other top teams in the upcoming Bundesliga season before the start of the play-offs. Because there are only ten first division clubs, there will be an intermediate round after the main round.

In this, the best five teams as well as the following five teams compete against each other again in a separate group. However, there is only a simple round with two home and two away games for the clubs. “This compensates for the loss of Straubing and Erfurt,” said SSC sports director Michael Evers about the new mode, which, however, is “only supposed to be a temporary solution”. Especially since it must be shown whether the planned award of points creates more tension.

The two clubs withdrew from playing during the past season: Straubing had filed for bankruptcy, Erfurt wants to compete in the newly founded 2nd Bundesliga Pro.

Group stage before the play-offs

The new mode for the league of 10 is a bit complicated: the results achieved in the main round are canceled before the intermediate round and the teams receive a point credit based on their main round placement. 1st and 6th place each receive 12 points, 2nd and 7th place nine points, 3rd and 8th place six points, 4th and 9th place three points, and 5th and 10th place zero points.

Then an intermediate round is played. The top five of the main round are guaranteed participation in the play-off quarter-finals and only play against each other in group A for places one to five in the table. In Group B, the teams placed sixth through tenth compete and determine two further quarter-finalists.

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The main round is to be held from October 7th to February 3rd. The intermediate round starts a week later and ends on March 17th. The start of the quarter-final play-offs (“best of three” mode) is scheduled for March 23.

Further information

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A week after the end of the championship semi-finals, the SSC sets the first personnel course for the new Bundesliga season. more

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The SSC also lost the second game of the “Best of three” series at SC Potsdam on Wednesday evening. more

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