New Balance Super Product Day: Get 40% off on Retro Shoes and More, with IU’s Styling Tips and Cashback Rewards!

(New Balance super product day 40% off ~ burning too much, just wear it with IU! 9060, CT302, 327⋯ shoe ring 1 golden rule to unlock the traffic password! Photo / New Balance)

Yahoo shopping center debut on 6/7 👉New Balance super brand day 40% off the whole store, the highest reward is 51%get 20% off coupons for designated new products, 300 discount coupons for purchases of 3,500 and 300 discount coupons are limited to grab, 5% of super bonus points for purchases of 5,000, 20% of super bonus points for designated shoes, and 10% shopping bonus for over 3,000 purchases on the whole site, 6 /7On the day, 3% rewards will be given for the extra line shopping on the whole station; in addition, when the whole store spends more than 3,000, you can get New Balance socks (while stocks last), and when you spend more than 5,000, you can get a branded folding camping box (while stocks last).

Nowadays, “retro” is the key word in the shoe industry. Brands excavate old shoe models, absorb the essence of past shoe history, and then transform them into new shoes. Dominating the trendy shoe market is the golden rule of attracting shoe-loving customers in the community; New Balance (hereinafter referred to as NB), a sports veteran with more than a century, has enough qualifications, and there are many stories full of digital ancient shoes. Deconstruct and restructure.

Another traffic hero of NB is the non-national sister IU. Since 2018, she has endorsed South Korea’s NB and expanded to the Asia-Pacific region in 2021. Up to now, the NB global official community has pinned her to the top, with international stars such as Shohei Otani and Coco Gauff In addition, IU has taken a lot of promotional photos for the shoes, the media loves her, and the community loves her even more. The strong diffusion and exposure have increased the empathy projection of fans, and the indirect effect of bringing goods is amazing; the following recommends this NB Super Pinday’s best-selling beautiful shoes worth buying, let’s take a look at how IU creates a retro and fresh style.

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★★★👉New Balance super brand day 40% off the whole store, the highest reward is 51%

#Y2K fad is back: 9060

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉IU wearing style[New Balance]Retro Shoes_Neutral_White_U9060AAB, the original price is 4,680 yuan, and the special price is 3,744 yuan after receiving a 20% discount coupon.

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉[New Balance]Retro shoes_neutral_Yuanzu gray_U9060GRY, the original price is 4,680 yuan, and the special price is 3,744 yuan after receiving a 20% discount coupon (Yahoo super product day limited exclusive pre-order, the first sale).

Y2K in the millennium sounds not so far away from us, but in fact, more than 20 years have passed, and there are still some differences in the popular outfits at that time. Y2K is a time of a new century. The node has the extraordinary significance of breaking new ground. In terms of mainstream values, the millennial generation advocates relatively macro issues such as diversity and tolerance, gender equality and sustainable earth; the NB “9060” launched last summer, which advertises to absorb the Y2K gene , in addition to inheriting the blood of the 9-series family and 860, even Yue Wu, one of the heavyweight designers behind it, is also of Asian identity, showing the cultural background of 9060’s pluralism. Let’s take a look at IU’s latest promotional photos, from American casual hats and Ts, Japanese college skirts, to neutral suits… all kinds of styles with strong sense of diversity, 9060 can be perfectly compatible, this time Yahoo super product day is limited Exclusive pre-order models, the first to start selling!

#Sales bearer: 327, XC72

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉The top right of the picture:Internet exclusive[New Balance]Vintage shoes_unisex_black and white_UXC72LB, original price 3,480 yuan, special price 2,227 yuan.

👉Bottom right of the picture:[New Balance]Vintage shoes_neutral_light gray_MS327WE, original price 2,980 yuan, special price 2,384 yuan.

Learned from the 327 in the 1970s. Since its debut more than 3 years ago, its popularity and topicality are obvious to all. If you want to choose a pair of MVP shoes in the 2020s in the future, you should be the shoe 327. The light gray color of No.1, how can we not start with the original color of the classic brand? In addition, the XC72, which is from the same designer as the 327, is also inspired by the 1970s, but Muse is an antique concept sports car, conveying a kind of “imagination of the future in the retro era”. The top best-selling model of XC72; the XC72 looks bold and avant-garde, while our sister IU is wearing a light plain sports suit, which is ingeniously contrasted with the full-bodied XC72, making people’s visual focus unconsciously focus on the feet, with a soft temperament Just now, let me tell you my sister, I look delicate on the outside, but I am not easy to mess with on the inside.

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#Female force scheming model: CT302

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉[New Balance]Retro shoes_neutral_white wine red_CT302RE, original price 2,880 yuan, special price 2,304 yuan after receiving a 20% discount coupon.

“CT302”, based on the tennis shoe series CT300 in the 1980s, made its debut on the eve of Women’s Day and Women’s History Month last year. The shoe has a simple silhouette, a classic cup-shaped outsole design, and a distressed toe cap extending from the outsole. , coupled with the thickened midsole aka long-legged artifact/scheming, it really attracts many women; the main product of this super product day is white wine red color matching, sweet and salty, fresh and magnificent. IU’s collocation this time is interpreted with “contrast”. An all-black long skirt suit can’t help but make people feel heavy and dull, but with a pair of light white CT302 under the feet, the sense of liveliness is immediately improved, and it teaches the virtuousness of schoolgirls Under the dignity, without losing the beauty and agility.

# Both appearance and performance: 2002R

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉[New Balance]Retro Shoes_Neutral_Yuanzu Gray_M2002RDM, the original price is 4,680 yuan, and the special price is 3,744 yuan after receiving a 20% discount coupon.

In the late 2010s, old shoes and retro sports were popular. “2002R”, as the evolution of MR2002 at the time of rebirth, was unveiled 3 years ago. The rough and complicated appearance is just in line with the current shoe fans’ advocacy of old shoes. In terms of performance, 2002R is equipped with ABZORB midsole with high cushioning, which can absorb more than 90% of the ground reaction force. The N-ergy technology in the back palm is advertised as high feedback and labor-saving. The original retro shoes have both appearance and technology.

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#Yahoo exclusive: 997, 373

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉Left picture:Y buy exclusive models[New Balance]Vintage shoes_female_white wine red_CW997HGL, original price 2,980 yuan, special price 1,799 yuan.

👉Picture on the right:Y buys the exclusive[New Balance]retro sports shoes_female_373 series 2 models (WL373PA2/WL373PG2), the original price is 2,480 yuan, and the special price is 1,499 yuan.

In addition to the above-mentioned super popular fried chicken retro legion, this event also specially launched series such as “997” and “373”, which are exclusive to Yahoo shopping malls, and have a 40% off super fragrant discount. You can get a pair with a discount of more than 1,000 , easy to match and easy to control, suitable for petty bourgeoisie who have a low budget or like to try new things, and can create a beautiful retro style at a price that is close to the people.

#casualwear, lowest price all year round

(Photo/New Balance)

(Photo/New Balance)

👉[New Balance]Women’s Casual Clothes_3 styles to choose from, the original price is 880 yuan, and the special price is 439 yuan.

The scorching heat and high temperature are unbearable. Skin-friendly and comfortable short Tee is the most indispensable item in the wardrobe. You may wish to choose refreshing light and light colors in color. Special talk, the lowest price of the year, one can be purchased for less than 500, and it is still a good deal to bring two extra spares for replacement! Want to create a sweet retro style like IU? Come on 👉New Balance Superbrand DayChoose clothes and shoes.

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