NEW! Alfamart PROMO 1 – 2 September 2021: Indomilk 1L Starting from Rp. 9,900, Soap, Detergent, Discount Snack

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – PROMO Alfamart 1 – 2 September 2021: Indomilk UHT 1L Mulai Rp9.900, Sabun, Deterjen, Snack Diskon.

It’s already September. It doesn’t feel like time is going so fast.

Uncertain conditions require us to be wiser in managing our finances.

Taking advantage of promos is one way to save money, but your needs can still be met.

At the beginning of this September, Alfamart still has a variety of daily necessities products that are being discounted, you know.

The price is more affordable and certainly cheaper than normal days.

Among them there is a promo of Indomilk UHT 1L milk starting from Rp. 9,900.

Then promo soap, detergent, discount snacks.

Alfamart Profit Salary Promo

To celebrate those of you who just got paid, the Gajian Untung Alfamart promo aka the Hanging Promo is still ongoing.


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