Neuer rumbles after the defeat against Frankfurt: “Didn’t learn anything!”

Bayern’s captain Manuel Neuer was visibly pissed off after the defeat against pursuers Eintracht Frankfurt. The goalkeeper does not agree with how his front men presented themselves, especially in the first round.

Standing in the goal of Munich Bayern was certainly more relaxed and pleasant for Manuel Neuer than it is now. After conceding three goals against Bielefeld and a completely botched first half, the game against Eintracht Frankfurt also showed some parallels. A fact that the Bayern keeper didn’t like, which is why he went into court with his people in front of him unusually clearly. “We didn’t learn from the Bielefeld game. It’s not enough against such a team. Frankfurt has strong players on the offensive. You gave us problems at the beginning. There has to be aggressiveness on the pitch right from the start ”, complained the Munich number one.

Neuer annoyed after increasing performance too late: “If we had played like this at the beginning, we would win the game

After the deserved 0-2 deficit at the break, Bayern at least improved, but ultimately could no longer pay the mortgage. “We showed a good picture in the second half. If we had played like this from the start, we would win the game, ”said the 34-year-old annoyed. However, he also knows that two good halves are required to successfully play a football game. This will also apply to the encounter with Lazio Rome, among other things. Against the strong Italians, an early 0: 1 or 0: 2 could mean a quick end, considering the tactical and defensive quality of the Serie A club. Manuel Neuer’s appeal could have come just in time for Bayern to start the game against Rome with 100 percent.

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