Netmarble Introduces New Content and Updates for “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME”

Netmarble Introduces New Content and Updates for “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME”

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Netmarble, the world’s leading high-quality mobile game development and publishing company, announced the launch of new content for its free-to-play action MOBA game “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME”. This game update adds “Swamp Voodoo Master Moligoxi”, a new appearance, and various improvements to the in-game system.

The new mage hero “Swamp Voodoo Sorcerer Moligoxi” is a fan-favorite character in Epic Games’ “Paragon”. This very popular hero was added to the game after many fans requested it. “Moligsi” is an elf who once protected the Eupera Forest together with the forest guardian “Fei”. When “Faey” left, “Moligsi” tried his best to protect the abandoned forest on his own, but he realized that he lacked the strength to complete his goal alone. With his back against the wall, impure enemies are pouring towards the lake, and he wakes up in a new body after a while, becoming “Swamp Voodoo Master Moligosi”. He is determined to take revenge on “Fei” who abandoned him and his home.

“Moligsi” has many skills that can target specific enemies, incapacitating them and causing massive magic damage, including:

●Curse Dagger:Throwing daggers deals physical damage.

●Soul collection:Deals magic damage to the selected enemy hero and creates a puppet of that hero. The puppet will persist until a new hero is selected or until the selected hero dies.

●Bug bombs:Throws bug bombs, infecting all enemies within range, causing magic damage. If the opponent has a soul collection effect, it will be slowed down every time it deals damage.

●Insect pace:Transform into a swarm of insects to increase movement speed and take less damage. When passing an enemy in this state, it can cause magic damage, slow it down, and increase its own HP regeneration. This HP regeneration increase effect can be stacked up to 2 times.

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●Curse Doll:Summons a huge swarm of insects similar to “Moligxi”, causing magic damage and soul collection effects to the hero.

New skins have been added to the game, including the hero Moligoshi “The Summoned Curse”, Muriai “Flying Girl” (heroic level skin), and the violent “Laiken” (rare level skin).

In addition, players can experience other features such as tutorial improvements, new information about Supreme Guardian damage reduction, and enhanced markers to help identify targets in the tutorial. Not only that, an automatic purchase system can now be used in the game, which can select and recommend items according to the player’s gaming style. A news function has also been added to the main interface of the game, allowing players to learn about the latest “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME” announcements in the game.

At the same time, the CBT (closed beta) of “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME” on PlayStation 5 (PS5) has also successfully concluded. More than 10,000 players participated in the CBT, and the official received a lot of positive feedback. Based on the data obtained, “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME” will be further developed for fans around the world, and the latest information will be announced one after another.

“PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME” is a team-based third-person shooter MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type PC game that everyone can play for free on PC devices. Combining strategic action and fast-paced combat, players must participate in 5v5 team battles and work with teammates to conquer the supreme battlefield. In the game, two teams win by destroying the enemy’s base. Players can choose from a variety of powerful character classes and use their unique skills to join the battle, including Warrior, Support, Marksman, Mage, Tank and Assassin.

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To keep up to date with all the news and updates on “PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME”, please go to the official website ( or via the official Discord ( and Twitter(

Introduction to Netmarble Corporation

Founded in South Korea in 2000, Netmarble is the world’s top mobile game developer and publisher. Through its well-known trademarks and cooperation with well-known IP owners, Netmarble is committed to improving the gaming experience and entertaining players around the world. . As the parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games, and a major shareholder of Jam City and HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment), Netmarble’s diverse mobile games include “Lineage 2: Revolution”, “MARVEL Future Fight”, “Two of Two” Kingdom: Across the World, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR and The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness, as well as upcoming PC games such as PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME.For more information, please refer to the official website

Taiwan Netmarble Joybomb Inc. was established in July 2012 and has professional operations, business, customer service and marketing teams.The mobile games it operates include “Baseball for All Pro”, “Baseball Hall”, “Love and Producer” and “Miracle Nikki”. In addition, it also assists the parent company Netmarble Corporation to develop global versions of games in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Marketing and customer service has now become a leading brand in the gaming industry in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, firmly occupying the leading position in the mobile gaming market. For more information, see

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