Netizens Defending UAS Invade Singapore President and PM Lee’s Accounts: #SaveUAS

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

President’s social media accounts Singapore, Halimah Yacoband the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loonghad been invaded by Indonesian netizens supporters Master Abdul Somad (UAS), the aftermath of the UAS case in the country.

Netizens from Indonesia expressed their anger by filling the comments column on Halimah and Lee’s social media accounts.

The column includes the hashtags #SaveUAS and #SaveUstadzAbdulSomad on the Twitter and Instagram social media accounts of the two Singaporean leaders.

The action was the aftermath of Singapore’s rejection of Abdul Somad’s arrival to the country on Monday (16/5).

The Twitter and Instagram accounts of Singaporean officials were also terrorized by Indonesian netizens who supported Abdul Somad, namely Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean, and Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan.

Likewise, the Twitter accounts of the Government and the Ministry of Law of Singapore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Instagram page of the Tourism and Immigration Agency, as well as the Instagram of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, were also attacked by netizens who defended UAS.

Under surveillance, there are no more ‘attacks’ of netizens supporting UAS in the comments column of Lee’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. There were only a handful of netizens who commented in favor of UAS and criticized Lee.

Meanwhile, netizens who support UAS are seen still ‘flooding’ Halimah’s Instagram account with their anger over Singapore’s attitude.

A country as big as a village has a lot of behavior,” wrote one account in the comment column on Halimah’s upload on Instagram.

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The Ministry of Communication and Information of Singapore (MCI) confirmed on Wednesday (18/5) that a number of these accounts were attacked by netizens who supported UAS, as quoted from The Strait Times.

MCI also noted reports that there were calls to carry out cyberattacks against the Singaporean Government’s social media in Indonesian netizen chat groups.

Cyber ​​attacks are starting to spread to Singaporean companies, read on next page…

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Cyber ​​Attack Threats to Singapore Company Sites


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