Netizens Blaspheme PSSI Chairman and Menpora for Participating in Lifting AFF U-16 Cup

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Netizens blaspheme PSSI general chairman Mochamad Iriawan and Menpora Zainudin Amali for taking part in lifting the trophy AFF U-16 Cup 2022 with captain Indonesian National Team U-16 Muhammad Iqbal Gwijangge.

Iriawan and Amali were in the spotlight following a video circulating of the two of them being one of the first three people to lift the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup after the Indonesia vs Vietnam final at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Friday (12/8).

“Mr. Menpora and PSSI Chairman Mr. Iwan Bule, what are you doing, do you really want to lift the trophy. It’s our brothers/children who work hard, sir, are you aware of why, damn,” wrote one netizen.



In a major football tournament, including the World Cup, Euro, to the Asian Cup, the first person to lift the championship trophy is the captain of the winning team.

However, on the podium of the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup winners, there were three figures who lifted the trophy after the trophy was handed over by AFF President Khiev Sameth: Menpora, PSSI General Chair and Indonesian captain Muhammad Iqbal Gwijangge.

“However, the first person to lift the PSSI Chairman, Kemenpora. The ones who have the right to lift the trophy are the players…!!! You are a disgrace,” wrote one netizen.

“Then the PSSI chairman and the official lifted the trophy, what’s the deal? Just this time. Let the team captain, the team lift the trophy on the field. Shameful,” wrote another netizen.

The Minister of Youth and Sports and the PSSI Chair also gave appreciation to the Indonesian U-16 national team players in the team locker room after the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup final. Iriawan ensured that the Garuda Asia team received an additional Rp500 million bonus after winning. has tried to request a response from Iriawan and the Minister of Youth and Sports regarding the polemic of lifting the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup. However, until this news was revealed, both of them had not responded.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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