Netherlands Sperm Donor Fathers Over 550 Children: Emotional Consequences and Lawsuit

Hundreds of children have been fathered in the Netherlands with the sperm of the man. Jonathan registered with donor clinics and made direct contact with prospective parents. He kept lying about the number of children he fathered. That would be ‘no more than 25’. In reality it is more than 550.


He wouldn’t say why he kept lying about it. Just as with the summary proceedings, in which the judge prohibited him from donating any longer, his answers were muddled. It was down to ‘the little world you’re in’ and ‘you also meet weirdos’.

He didn’t get any closer to an answer than that on the air:

He called the fact that a hundred parents have filed a lawsuit against him ‘very ungrateful’.

He emphasizes that there are also hundreds of parents who are happy with his help. “I don’t think the children are suffering. I’m in touch with almost all of those mothers. I get more messages of support than there are angry people.”

Emotional problems

At the preliminary relief proceedings five weeks ago, lawyer Mark de Hek of the Donorkind Foundation said that Jonathan’s donor children are experiencing emotional problems. They can’t get to know all the half-siblings. Or are attracted to each other.

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