Netherlands – Czech Republic 1: 1, Sensational win was close! The Czech team eventually drew

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As expected, Rad’s charges were mainly defending themselves, but they were also able to threaten against the favorite. In the 13th minute, Stašková got the ball into the net, but the goal did not pay due to an offensive foul. Two minutes after the break, the forward of Juventus Turin survived when she shot the goalkeeper Van Veenendaal.

The second team from the last world championship took over, but for a long time it could not find a recipe for the Czech goalkeeper Votíková. The quarterfinalists of this year’s Olympic tournament partially averted the embarrassment only in the 83rd minute, when Miedema prevailed. The 25-year-old forward recently flashed a hat-trick in the Arsenal jersey in retaliation for the Champions League playoffs in Slavia.

Rad’s charges have already withstood the final pressure from the Netherlands and have probably scored the most valuable result in the history of Czech women’s football. Twice in the match played in Groningen, the goal construction helped them.

In the next qualification match, the Czechs will play on Tuesday in Liberec against Cyprus, which today lost to Belarus 1: 4. The remaining team in the group is Iceland. Nine winners of the qualifying groups will advance directly from Europe to the World Championships, which will be hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand in 2023, and the teams from the second places will have a draw. Rad’s trustees are striving for the premiere participation in the big tournament.

Group C World Cup Qualifiers in Groningen:
Netherlands – Czech Republic 1: 1 (0: 0)
Goals: 83. Miedemaová – 47. Stašková.
Czech Republic: Votíková – Dlasková, Bertholdová, Necidová, Bartoňová – Krejčiříková (73. Černá), Cahynová, Dubcová – Stašková (73. Pochmanová), Martínková (90. + 5 Mrázová), Szewieczková (88. Šlajsová). Coach: Rada.
Belarus – Cyprus 4: 1 (2: 0)



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