NETGEAR introduces the new Orbi 860 series with new efficient antennas and 10G network ports

NETGEAR’s Orbi Wi-Fi series has always been a leader in the Mesh networking market. This year, NETGEAR launched the new Orbi 860 series. In addition to the updated antenna design, the Wi-Fi coverage area is wider, and it also increases an ultra-high-speed 10GbE WAN port. In addition, it is provided a one-year subscription to NETGEAR Armor network security system to provide home users with an information security shield. When using the high-speed network, there is no need to worry about network threats and malicious attacks.

Update antenna design to expand wireless coverage

The Orbi 860 series Mesh system is the AX6000 model, using Wi-Fi 6 tri-band technology and NETGEAR-patented wireless backhaul network technology, using the unique 5G WiFi frequency band, which allows Orbi placed at home to establish a high-speed and stable connection, eliminating the need for WiFi blind spots. The 8 hidden antennas on the fuselage have also been completely upgraded, with a maximum coverage of 75 pings per unit. A set of 10G ports is built-in and supports LACP. In the future, the telecommunications terminal network will be able to enjoy the ultra-high-speed network immediately. The memory specifications reach 1GB RAM and 512MB flash, which effectively improve the number of connections of devices and transmission performance and supports up to 100 devices connected at the same time. Orbi Mesh Systems provide enough bandwidth for simultaneous 4K/8K video streaming, Zoom meetings, and Wi-Fi anywhere in your home.

NETGEAR introduces the new Orbi 860 series with new efficient antennas and 10G network ports

NETGEAR Armor Internet Security System

NETGEAR Armor is network security software jointly developed by NETGEAR and cybersecurity vendor Bitdefender. It can connect to its huge virus database, update it at any time, keep up and prevent ever-evolving network attacks. NETGEAR offers Orbi RBK760 / RBK860 series products a free one-year subscription to NETGEAR Armor Network Security Protection Service. In addition to Orbi’s antivirus and anti-hacking, Bitdefender Security software can be installed on all home devices , which can protect your Windows, macOS, devices such as iOS or Android to avoid hacker attacks and viruses.

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In addition, NETGEAR Orbi RBK760 / RBK860 series users, as long as the Armor function is enabled in the APP, all devices on the intranet, whether wired or wireless, such as game consoles, smart watches and smart home appliances IoT devices, can be protected You can enjoy the protection of Armor, guest users who access the guest network can also enjoy the protection of Armor.

NETGEAR introduces the new Orbi 860 series with new efficient antennas and 10G network ports

NETGEAR armor features

  • Phishing Protection:Online scams are on the rise, and with advanced anti-phishing protection, it’s easy to stay out of harm’s way.
  • Secure Internet Bank:Protect your payment details while shopping or banking online with an exclusive dedicated VPN that protects your transactions from fraud. A VPN protects your banking information, passwords and downloads from hackers, even when you’re away from home.
  • Fast and secure web browsing:NETGEAR Armor protects online users by encrypting all Internet traffic, so they don’t have to worry about privacy being lost online.
  • Protection against malware:Bitdefender’s multilayered protection protects documents, images and videos from all threats, including ransomware and malware.
  • Advanced Threat Protection:Protect networks and devices from DDoS attacks, Brute Force, exploits and intrusions.
  • Keep sensitive data safe:Passwords, usernames, credit cards, social security numbers, banking records are the types of sensitive data that cybercriminals are actively trying to steal and sell on the dark web. NETGEAR Armor proactively scans, blocks and warns of any attempts to target sensitive data.

NETGEAR introduces the new Orbi 860 series with new efficient antennas and 10G network ports

The new Orbi 860 series of mesh and satellite systems will be available in black and white. Pre-orders are expected to open at the NETGEAR Taiwan flagship store in January 2023.

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