Netflix’s new mystery series set on a stunning island proves to be a hit among viewers with staggering viewership numbers.

Series on the Greek island of Paxos is immediately viewed very well on Netflix immediately after placement.

[b]Serial Maestro in Blue which takes place on the Greek island of Paxos, immediately ended up in the top 10 of the most watched series on Netflix in the first days after its release.


In Maestro in Blue the musician Orestis travels to the Greek island of Paxos to organize a music festival. He ends up in a relationship with a much younger girl, which is the beginning of a family drama, in which love and murder play a role. In each episode, we as viewers get a better picture of this murder and the mystery slowly but steadily unravels.

The series is originally Greek and was already very popular in Greece when it was broadcast there last fall. The Greek success will be the reason why Netflix bought the series from Greece.

Lots of natural beauty

Like more international series that Netflix broadcasts, the series gives way to the beauty of the Greek island and Greek culture. It has already been announced that there will also be a second season of this series.

Watch the series
” target=”_blank”>here on Netflix.

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