Netflix’s Most Disturbing Series Are Brazilian And Here Are The 6 You Must Watch

The Netflix catalog is full of wonderful Brazilian series. These are some of the most disturbing stories currently being streamed. There isn’t a huge choice, but there is a bit of everything and there are some very interesting stories with dark, mysterious and psychological games, told in a very different way than the rest of the series from other countries. , and that’s one of the reasons they’re worth watching. Each country has its own style of storytelling, Nordic countries, for example, dominate the black gender, the Korea and Japan have great horror series, Germany does very well with weird series with unexpected twists and turns, and Brazil has found the best way to take real-life stories and captions to bring to life series that grab you from the start. first moment. With regard to Brazil, on Netflix, you can find a series inspired by a real killer, another based on the case of alleged miracle cures, and even a brutal documentary about a cult leader who used his power and influence to abuse many women.

good morning Veronica

This is one of the best Brazilian series on Netflix, and it tells the story of a policewoman who, while trying to catch a sex offender, comes across a mysterious couple who are hiding a dark secret. The series draws inspiration from true stories of violence against women, but also features elements similar to the Red Bluff case, where a woman named Colleen Stan was abducted and forced to carry a wooden box on her head as part of the manipulative tricks of a man who abused other women and held her captive for 7 years.

The chosen one

This series is very similar to the Holy child Mexican, but in its own style. The chosen one tells the story of three doctors who are sent to a small community in Brazil to carry out a vaccination campaign, but who find out that the city has eliminated all doctors and that it does not want medicine. It is said that in the village there lives a man who can do miraculous healings, and that he is the reason why no one in the village dies or falls ill, and the arrival of the doctors is taken as an impulse and a bad sign, then the village revolts and they quickly realize that their life is in danger.

The invisible city

This fantasy-mystery series is based on legends and folklore. The story begins with a family tragedy, which gradually leads a man to discover that the forest is inhabited by strange and dark creatures who have been hidden from humans, and which could be the key to solving a strange mystery from his past.

Brothers in crime

This crime drama follows an honest lawyer whose brother (who is the head of a criminal organization) is serving a sentence in one of the most brutal prisons in the country, where his life is in danger every day. This makes her wonder what she’s ready to do to save him and get him out before it’s too late. Your Jorge, who signed the music for Aquatic Life by Wes Anderson, is one of the protagonists.

The Mechanism

This series is based on a real case, and takes place when a scandal erupts in Brazil during an investigation into government corruption linked to oil and construction companies. It is based on the case Lava Jet, which was the biggest corruption scandal in Brazilian history, and Dilma Rousseff she herself accused the show of distorting the truth.

João de Deus: The Crimes of a Healer

This documentary tells the story of John of God, a man who claimed to be able to use the power of God and the saints to cure people of all kinds of illnesses by performing so-called spiritual operations. The news spread throughout Brazil and around the world, and John of God was considered almost a saint or a god, which led to the founding of his own church (or rather his cult), visited by millions of people. The problem ? The healer was a con artist who not only stole money but sexually manipulated and abused many women who came for his help.

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