Netflix shows teaser Into the Night: Season 2

Get the sunscreen ready: the second season of Into the Night flies to Netflix soon! (Pay attention: the teaser contains spoilers about Season 1!)

Deadly radiation

Last year Into the Night launches on Netflix. In this blood-curdling science fiction series, a mysterious phenomenon causes people to spontaneously develop a rather intense sun allergy. An airplane full of passengers tries to get ahead of the deadly radiation. But as tensions on board mount, the sun isn’t all survivors have to worry about …

‘Larger action scenes’

Into the Night was a hit and it wasn’t long before there a second season was announced. It is not yet known when the new episodes will be shown, but we already have the first images! These are introduced (not entirely spoiler free) by Jason George, the creator of the Netflix series. And he makes a nice promise to the fans: “Season 2 features bigger action scenes, more locations and more languages.”

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