Netflix series The Crown is under fire

The complaining Britons include Lady Glenconner, former lady-in-waiting of Princess Margaret and a good friend of Prince Charles. Also Julian Fellowes, director of Downton Abbey wants Netflix to make it clearer that it is a fictional series. “It should be made clear in a disclaimer that this is not reality. Some scenes are distorted.”

Lady Glenconner can also be seen in the series, and she also states that some scenes are ‘blatant lies’. Princess Diana’s brother is also not a fan of the series. “I’m afraid viewers will forget that this is fiction,” he said in an interview earlier.

In this fourth season of The Crown it is about Princess Diana and her relationship with Prince Charles. In the series, it is also said that Prince Charles would have an affair during his marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, but this is not true. The two have actually had no contact for years.

RTL Boulevard recently spoke with the cast of the popular Netflix series, which you can see below.

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