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Netflix makes Stephen Kings film short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone | NOW


Netflix is ​​making a movie by author Stephen Kings short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, reports The Hollywood Reporter. John Lee Hancock, known for the sports film The Blind Side and the biographical film Saving Mr. Banks will direct the film.

It is still unknown how the film is based on Mr. Harrigan’s Phone and when it appears via the streaming platform. Also about the cast of the fourth Netflix movie based on King’s work, after Gerald’s Game, 1922 in In the Tall Grass, nothing is known yet.

In Mr. Harrigan’s Phone a boy and an old man befriend after the latter gets hold of his first iPhone. When the man dies, the boy discovers that he can communicate with the deceased by recording voicemails on the smartphone buried with the man.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is part of King’s story series If It Bleeds. The series was a bestseller for the 72-year-old author who sold over 350 million books.


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