Netflix Loses 3% of Monthly Active Users in Brazil After Implementation of New Fee

As already imagined, the whole world – especially Brazilians – rejected the new fee charged by Netflix for users who share their accounts with people who live at another address.

The measure was adopted on May 23. In the same month, the platform lost 3% of its monthly active users (MAUs), compared to the same month in 2022.

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Streaming performance in May 2023

  • According to Sensor Tower, Star+, on the other hand, saw its users increase by 60% – having to do with the transmission of sporting events on ESPN;
  • Netflix also lost space to HBO Max and Globoplay, which reached 33% and 15% growth, respectively, last month;
  • Prime Video was the only one to decline; lost 9% of customers in May.

Best outside Brazil

Despite the bad numbers in Brazil, Netflix was more stable abroad. In the US, for example, the streaming giant achieved 7% more downloads, compared to 15% for Hulu. Interestingly, Disney+ was inert.

Tax extra

For months, Netflix “threatened” to start charging for extra accounts linked to the main profile (only those that are not in the same household), but the measure began at the end of last month.

The idea of ​​charging R$ 12.90 (in Brazil) for the extra user came with the drop in subscribers – the company expects to profit up to US$ 1.6 billion (R$ 7.8 billion). However, the fee was heavily criticized by numerous users, even leading to Procon/SP entering the issue and notifying Netflix asking for more information about the new charge. The organ of Florianópolis (SC) did the same.

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2023-06-06 23:24:00
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