Netflix is ​​planning a new reality show inspired by Squid Game

The Netflix streaming service plans to shoot a new reality show inspired by the popular South Korean series Squid game. Unlike the series, however, the contestants will not risk their lives in the upcoming show and will have a chance to win $ 4.56 million (about 108 million crowns), the BBC website wrote.

The ten-part series entitled “Squid game: The Challenge” will start filming in 2023, and anyone over the age of 21 who enters the competition with the “biggest one-time win in the history of a reality show” can enter the competition. He speaks English.

“Contestants will go through games inspired by the original series along with some new surprises. Their nature, strategies and alliances between them will be tested, “says Netflix.

The original Squid Game is a South Korean drama series, following the story of deeply indebted people who compete with each other in children’s games for a huge financial prize. If they are eliminated from the competition, they will die.

Squid is at the top of Netflix’s popularity charts. In the first 28 days since the first episode of the series, 111 million people saw it. Netflix announced earlier this week that it is preparing the second series of this popular series.

Netflix is ​​facing pressure from competing streaming companies. In April, he announced that he had seen a decline in the number of customers and predicted that this trend would continue for some time.

These factors, together with Netflix’s departure from Russia, caused the company’s market value to fall by $ 50 billion (about 1.12 trillion crowns).

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