Netflix. Inactive user accounts will be deleted

“At Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they don’t use”. The famous streaming platform announced Thursday May 21 in a press release that it would automatically terminate subscriptions from inactive users. Indeed, many people would currently see their bank accounts debited while they are not using any program.

As the site recalls Phonandroid, Netflix registers millions of new subscribers every month but, in the lot, some simply forget to stop their engagement after having tested the platform. However, a manual termination is necessary to interrupt the service.

0.5% inactive accounts

“We ask everyone who hasn’t watched anything on Netflix for a year after signing up to confirm that they want to keep their subscription”, precise the streaming giant. Users will therefore receive an email to confirm their subscription in return. If Netflix does not receive a response, direct debits will be stopped. This unsubscription will even be automatic for users who have been inactive for two years.

Dormant accounts represent only 0.5% of all Netflix subscribers, says Phonandroid. But the platform specifies that the profiles will be kept for ten months after the subscription suspension. It will therefore be possible to find your favorites and preferences, even if the account has been canceled.


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