Netflix Finally Can Be Opened on IndiHome and Telkomsel

3398333676.jpg – Some time ago Telkom The group promises to immediately unblock Netflix services. Finally the promise was kept.

Internet service customers Home and Telkomsel cellular operator users have reported being able to access Netflix at this time.

Since Tuesday (7/7/2020) morning, a number of IndiHome users claim to be able to access Netflix through IndiHome. Even so, a number of users claimed not to be able to access it.

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Service streaming Netflix movies can be accessed widely through the internet Send me on Tuesday afternoon, starting at 12.00 WIB.

While Telkomsel users can only access Netflix around 13.30 WIB.

When tested KompasTekno through the application and browser, Netflix can already display the initial menu and display our selected films.

Similarly, when using Telkomsel cellular internet. Netflix can be accessed either through the application, mobile web, or through methods tethering to a computer device.

If it is true that the Telkom Group has already been opened, access to Netflix does not appear to be evenly distributed among all Indihome users.

There are still users who report absolutely no access, both from the application and browser.

There are also those that can already be on the mobile application, but haven’t been able to open Netflix from browser on PC / laptop.

KompasTekno has requested confirmation from PT Telkom. However, no response has been received until this news was written.

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As is known, access to film services and shows on Netflix was blocked by Telkom since January 27, 2016, the year when entertainment services from the United States came to Indonesia. The reason, Netflix is ​​considered not to meet regulations.

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