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Netflix: fan of Stranger Things? 3 other excellent series to discover


It’s no secret to anyone, Stranger Things quickly established itself as a reference series in the catalog Netflix. It is undeniably a very good program, well constructed, full of references to popular culture and endowed with a band of very attractive “juvenile” heroes. At the moment, the fourth season is long overdue, its shooting has been postponed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Too bad, but not enough to make a fuss.

The SVoD platform offer abounds with other high-quality series. Some even play in the same register as Stranger Things. Dark, Rick & Morty or Blank Zone in our opinion are part of these.

Without being really comparable to the adventures of Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin and the others, they will lead you into universes where the imaginary, the monstrous and the fantastic are omnipresent. If you liked the show from the Duffer brothers, the three contents selected here should not leave you indifferent.

Which series to watch on Netflix if you enjoyed Stranger Things?

Another “UFO” series: Dark   Locke & Key
(2020) on IMDb 8.8/10

In summary

In a small German town bordering a large forest, a child mysteriously disappears, leaving several families in turmoil. As the enigma thickens, despair sets in and tensions mount. The witch hunt is launched and the heaviest secrets of the village begin to emerge. But the key to the mystery may well be more complex than expected and challenge all the convictions of the poor mothers concerned …

The editorial opinion

A strange disappearance, teenagers involved in the frantic search for one of their own, a dark, sometimes gloomy atmosphere, guinea pig children and a scenario thought to turn your brain around … the list of things in common between Dark and Stranger Things is long. But do not let us say what we did not say: the two series are not similar, far from it. However, they share some similarities.

Logical to think of Dark when we recommend series in the same vein as that which tells the wanderings of the children of Hawkins, Indiana. The original German creation of Netflix may be even less known, but it has still been talked about a lot. For good reason, it is quite simply one of the best productions of the SVoD platform at present. Dark has almost everything to please.

A mastered story, a realization with little onions that serves its purpose perfectly, a gloomy and often a little uneasy atmosphere … There is not much to throw away. Some may criticize it for being too complex. And we will understand them perfectly. The German series is quite confusing. Why ? Because it explores the theme of time and takes care not to explain everything to its viewer.

To perceive and understand all the cogs and subtleties of its intrigue, you have to hang on. Oppressive, impactful and full of suspense, it keeps you going from start to finish, in a register different from Stranger Things. Less flashy, rougher, it nonetheless remains a reference in the Netflix catalog, to see without hesitation.

  • Here is the trailer for this excellent series:

A crazy animated series: Rick and Morty   Locke & Key
(2020) on IMDb 9.2/10

In summary

The old Rick, a brilliant but completely barred inventor, spends his time creating more eccentric objects than the others. Long angry with his daughter, he manages to reconnect and discovers a new passion: taking his grandson Morty on adventures more incredible than the others in the four corners of the galaxy.

The editorial opinion

Stranger Things and Rick & Morty ? The association of these two series may seem surprising at first sight. And yet … ultimately it is not that much. In the animated program too, the universe is plural and multiple dimensions. Rick and his teenage grandson go on journeys through space, galaxies, the unknown. They fight against various and varied creatures, but also against their own demons.

The two contents have a human side which brings them together. The tone is certainly not the same at all. Nevertheless it is not absurd to see or see again Rick and Morty if you enjoyed Stranger Things. These two journeys into the imagination are very different, but both very successful.

Rick and Morty is also a subject of perpetual discord in the writing of CNET France. The author of this article (note that he talks about him in the third person) is not particularly a fan. His colleagues swear by the animated series of the American channel Adult Swim.

And they are not alone, since it has a fairly incredible loyal base all around the globe. It must be admitted that these excellent returns were not due to chance and that the show has many qualities, even if some (me) do not join the series.

Carried by a stripping scenario, successful animations and an annoying tendency to divert the codes of the genre, she also manages, without seeming to, to tackle serious subjects. Basically, it is still for his gags and his cool humor that media and fans make it one of the best programs of recent years.

  • look at the trailer of the first season:

A good detective thriller: Zone Blanche   Locke & Key
(2020) on IMDb 7.5/10

In summary

Perched in the Vosges heights, in the middle of a gigantic forest and far from any other form of civilization, Villefranche is an atypical small town. Like the others, she has her share of crimes, kidnappings and unsolved puzzles.

It is not a lawless area, but all the same. The homicide rate is much higher than the French average. However, Major Laurène Weiss spares no effort to maintain order, even if she also has her own secrets and maintains a very special relationship with the forest …

The editorial opinion

What does a series labeled “police” do alongside Stranger Things, Dark and Rick and Morty ? The question would arise if Blank Zone told a classic survey, like the classics of the genre. But there is the Villefranche forest. This immense green space, beautiful and dangerous, theater of dreams, like nightmares. It’s a bit like she has a soul, a conscience of her own. The inhabitants of the town of Vosges also speak of it as if it were alive.

In its borders lives a demon, or a God according to the versions. Its resemblance to the Demogorgon is distant, but still. Like him, the beast does not hesitate to kill. Kidnapping is also a recurring subject, since the heroine herself was kidnapped and kidnapped in the forest.

In short, Blank Zone is as fantastic and mystical as police. She likes to browse in unexplored territories and put her heroes in trouble. As Stranger Things and his famous “upside down”, hellish territory that Onze and his gang would like to close forever.

Otherwise, the French series has little to envy to American programs. His script is original and full of resources. The two seasons are well built and do not suffer from real slumps. Better, even if they are uneven, the characters are rather well developed and hold many surprises. Finally, the forest and the mysterious being that reigns there without sharing are very intriguing. Blank Zone draws its essence from the relationship of its protagonists with the nature that surrounds them.

Difficult to guess the key to the puzzle before the end. The series of France 2 hangs, its suspense is well orchestrated and that is more than enough to make it a series to discover without hesitation on Netflix.

  • Discover the trailer of this very good French production:

They could also have been included in this selection: Hemlock Grove and The OA.


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