Netflix can remove the prequel “The Witcher”

The project will tell about the events that took place hundreds of years before the main storyline of the popular series.

A shot from the series The Witcher. Photo: Netflix

Good news for The Witcher fans, according to WeGotThisCovered, Netflix is ​​working on a prequel to the project. There are no official details yet, but according to insiders, the events will unfold many centuries before the events shown in the series. And the plot itself will develop around an event called “conjugation of spheres”, which split the world and caused the appearance of mythical creatures, and also became one of the reasons for the emergence of witchers.

Currently, active work is underway to create the second season of the series, as far as possible in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Filming will be resumed only in August, and there is no exact release date yet, although everything suggests that waiting for the project to be loved by the audience on the screens should not wait until next year.


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