Netflix added these top series last week

A lot of new series and episodes appeared on Netflix last week.

Netflix added a lot of new series in the past week. Today we list that for you as usual.

Let’s start with the series Star Trek: Discovery, which can be seen again from today. A new episode of the series appears every Friday. This week’s premiere, where we see Commander Burnham and the Discovery crew end up in the distant future.

New episodes
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY S03E01: The third season has started with the first of 16 episodes. We get to see what the distant future looks like and learn about the decline of the Federation.

THE FENCE S01E05: A family fights for survival in a dystopian Madrid.

UNDERCOVER S02E06: The series on drug crime in the Netherlands and Belgium continues.

New series
THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR (1 season): The members of a broken family are confronted with scary memories of an old house where they now moved.

FAST & FURIOUS: SPY RACERS (2 seasons): Tony Toretto and his friends infiltrate the criminal street circuit.

STRANGER (2 seasons): A prosecutor with little empathy, teams up with a female detective on a bizarre murder case and a bribery scandal.

KIPO AND THE AGE OF WONDERBEASTS (3 seasons): A girl in a safe, underground world gets a crash course in survival when an onslaught of mutants pushes her to the surface.

THE CABIN WITH BERT KREISCHER (1 season): Comedian Bert Kreischer goes to a cabin to relax and invites his friends.

GLOW UP (1 season): Makeup artists take up the challenge of winning a career in the beauty industry.

DEAF U (1 season): This series explores the life of a close-knit group of deaf and hard of hearing students at Gallaudet University.

SOCIAL DISTANCE (1 season): Filmed in isolation, this series features grim and funny interpretations of life at a distance.

WANTED (3 seasons): Opposites Lola and Chelsea are witnesses to a murder. They are falsely accused of this and have to flee.

FIREFIGHTER SAM (4 seasons): Fireman Sam experiences many adventures with his friends.

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