Neta is sure that General Idham Azis’ replacement will not pay attention to Iriawan

PSSI Chairman M Iriawan when met at the Ministry of Youth and Sports some time ago. Photo: Amjad / JPNN, JAKARTA – Police observers from Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) Neta S Pane commented on the jammed football competition in Indonesia.

Neta is sure, changing the National Police Chief because General Pol Idham Azis will retire at the end of January 2021, will not affect the course of the competition.

He predicts that the new police chief will not give permission to the crowd.

Neta’s reason is because M Iriawan as the General Chair of the PSSI is considered to have no lobbying skills and authority at his alma mater.

As a three-star general, continued Neta, he failed to ensure that the competition was safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even though the National Police Chief will change later, I am sure that if the current PSSI Ketum does not have that capability (lobby and convince the National Police Chief, red), he will still not be ignored,” he said.

But Neta also said that the competition would not be able to run in February 2021 not only because of Iwan Bule’s inability to lobby.

However, also because the Covid-19 pandemic situation has not subsided.


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