Net 1 Reveals the Main Reason Why Japanese Walk 30 Minutes Away, While Taiwanese Struggle to Do So Despite Unrelated Weather Factors

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Some netizens pointed out the difference in pedestrian space between Japan and Taiwan, not the parties involved in the news. Schematic / ingimage

Every country lives at a different pace and relies on very different commuting methods. A netizen posted an article on the Internet, mentioning that “Japanese people can walk for 30 minutes to the subway station? Taiwanese people can’t even walk for 5 minutes.” After the post was exposed, discussions arose. Some netizens pointed out the key difference. To parkour to the MRT station, the Japanese just need to walk smoothly.”

A netizen titled “Can the Japanese walk to the subway station in 30 minutes?” on PTTpost, the original PO revealed that he often watches Japanese programs and TV dramas, and walking 10 to 30 minutes to the subway station or bus station seems to be a common occurrence for Japanese people. In this regard, the original PO curiously asked everyone, “Is it true or false? If you change to Taiwanese, you can’t even walk for 5 minutes. Is there any divination?”

The bottom of the post attracted a lot of responses. Many netizens said, “20 minutes walking is probably the limit. If I exceed it, I will ride a bicycle.” , “Walking in Japan is really comfortable, but commuting every day is annoying”, “Taiwan loves rain too much”, “Why do you walk for 30 minutes in Taiwan? It doesn’t take 10 minutes to ride a bicycle.”

Some netizens also pointed out, “At the same distance, Taiwanese people have to go around from the sidewalk to the shoulder of the road, and then go around the parked car, and then pay attention to the height difference of the arcade.” Dare to walk for 30 minutes”, “Walk for 30 minutes on the Taiwan road, as dangerous as 3 minutes on the Ukrainian-Russian battlefield”, “Taiwanese want to parkour to the MRT station, the Japanese just need to walk smoothly”.

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