Neste opens the first self-service store in Latvia

July 27 fuel dealer In this opened the first self-service store in Latvia, thus entering the mixed assortment of food trade. Bear Easy Deli The focus of the contactless self-service experience is a technologically innovative and sustainable solution that offers a carefully selected food and beverage offer in a way unprecedented in Latvia. In total, there will be five stores in Latvia – two in Riga, and the rest in Salaspils, Ogre and Tīnūži. The total investment in the implementation of the unique concept store is 500,000 euros.

Bear Easy Deli has been built using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and its energy consumption has already been reduced during the construction phase. Environmentally responsible and sustainable activity also characterizes the producers of specially selected products in the store, the largest of which are: Robert Paulig Roastery coffee and bistro WHITE ready meals. Robert Paulig Roastery only biogas or solar energy is used for roasting coffee, and the production process is completely transparent – it can be traced back to the growers of the coffee in question. In turn, everyone bistro WHITE The meal is healthy, made from high quality products and available to customers in environmentally friendly packaging.

Last year, Covid-19 has rapidly changed people’s shopping habits and behavior in general as a result of the global pandemic. At the same time, it has been a time of rapid technology boom. Bear Easy Deli embodies both sustainable solutions combined with the latest technology that is important for the modern shopper, and provides a safe environment for everyone who is on the go to buy a healthy meal. The new concept store – it will be a new, fast, safe and very simple shopping at a convenient time around the clock, moreover, the assortment of goods is specially selected to be in line with In this sustainability standards.

Armands Beiziķis, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Neste Latvija”

We are honored to be with In this we have established cooperation on coffee solution issues. Paulig is a leading European producer of natural coffee, spices and food. It is very important for us to develop and participate in the implementation of sustainable solutions. I hope that this project will inspire other entrepreneurs to choose sustainable, environmentally friendly business tools.

Margarita Alabjeva-Vaišļa, Head of SIA ”Paulig Coffee Latvia”

Bistro WHITE environmental responsibility, sustainability and a modern approach to trade as cornerstones of Neste Latvia introduction of a new concept. Bistro WHITE is one of the few companies in Latvia that offers freshly prepared meals to take with you in packaging that is made from environmentally friendly materials: compostable corn starch, sugar cane fiber, as well as recycled plastics. Choosing to deliver your products to self-service concept stores Bear Easy Deli, bistro WHITE has not only found a new way to market its products, but has primarily gained partners with similar values ​​and a vision for the future.

Bistro BALTS manager Liene Kuplā

Bear Easy Deli

The new store concept is based on technologically advanced, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification or Radio Frequency Identification) technology – based contactless self – service solution that scans all customer purchases at the same time, for example, through a shopping bag or bag. The store construction process is sustainable, as well as a variety of environmentally friendly materials – carpet made from recycled plastic, CLT (load-bearing structures and interior design).Cross Laminated Timber) timber, which is known to have a significantly faster assembly time, with increased fire safety, is ecologically efficient because it contains carbon dioxide rather than emits it. There will be no shopping bags available in the store, freshly prepared takeaway meals will be offered in packaging made of environmentally friendly materials, and disposable drink cups and lids are also made of environmentally friendly material.

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The fully automated store will be accessible via In this a mobile application that will serve as an access key. Access through the application will provide customers with fast, smooth and most importantly – safe shopping. You will be able to pay for purchases with bank cards.

Bear Easy Deli
Bear Easy Deli

Bear Easy Deli will operate every day, 24 hours a day in Riga (Lielirbes Street 30 and Brīvības gatve 253), Ogre (Rīgas Street 11a), Salaspils (Zviedru Street 1C) and Tīnūži (“Baroni”, Tīnūžu Parish). More information on Bear Easy Deli:

Charged opinion

Although Charged is more about electric cars, it is also important to communicate about innovative solutions that take sustainability into account. We had the opportunity to personally try scanning these contactless products and have to say that it works amazingly well. By putting in 5 products, the cash register learned to recognize all. Here’s what to learn from other stores.

At the moment, these are five stores of the same brand, but we will not be surprised if it becomes more and more.

PS, The chocolate drink was delicious and was just warm enough to drink right away.

PPS, unlike Circle K, here you can get vegetarian and vegan food (from Bistro White), which does not disappoint.

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