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With the continuous tightening of European anti-pollution regulations, the future of diesel remains to be written. In countries where attention to environmental issues is highest, diesel engines, considered polluting, risk disappearing forever, but from Finland comes MY Renewable Diesel, a biofuel produced by Neste using 100% renewable raw materials that could start one diesel redemption phase, unjustly “demonized” in many large European cities. By virtue of their low consumption, modern diesel cars emit extremely low quantities of CO2 and in the global balance of carbon emissions can be even cheaper than battery-powered cars.

Diesel, a large increase in excise duties is approaching

Using the Neste MY Renewable Diesel – which unlike the product of fossil origin it does not contain aromatics or impurities – combustion efficiency increases. The high cetane number also makes the engine cleaner and cheaper to maintain than traditional biodiesel (FAME). Neste MY Renewable Diesel makes engines more efficient even in very cold weather conditions (down to -34 ° C), offering better starting and throttle response than conventional diesel. By evaluating the entire production and use cycle of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, users can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to diesel of fossil origin.

Neste, which with its Rotterdam and Singapore refineries is the world‘s largest producer of bio-diesel obtained only from renewable sources, it will expand its distribution network with the addition of another 100 stores in the Netherlands. The Finnish company has been active in the Netherlands since 2011 and last year opened a new office in Hoofddorp, just outside Amsterdam, which serves as a global hub for the growing renewable aviation fuel business. In addition to the Netherlands, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is on sale in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and in the United States in California and Oregon. Neste’s new biofuel is an immediate substitute for fossil diesel and can therefore be mixed in any ratio with fossil diesel or used at 100% concentration.

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