NEOS Salzburg are demanding a reduction in the payment deadline for treatment costs for EU guest patients

Huber: “High outstanding amounts slow down investments and create planning uncertainty.”

Salzburg (OTS) “With the return of winter tourism, a problem for hospitals in Salzburg is coming to the fore again: the monetary claim for treatment costs from EU guest patients. The problem is not the repayment of the outstanding treatment costs, but the long payment period of 18 months. At the end of the 2018/2019 winter season in the state of Salzburg alone, the outstanding claims caused by EU guest patients amounted to around € 45 million, ”said NEOS Salzburg Health Spokesman, Second President Dr. Sebastian Huber.

“Current EU law provides for a payment period of 18 months after receipt of the claim by the foreign insurance company. Particularly for hospitals with private providers, the sometimes high outstanding debts due to monetary claims due to EU guest patients are problematic, “says Huber, who adds:” For us NEOS, a payment period of 18 months in 2021 is far too long. The sometimes high defaults, caused by EU foreigners, slow down investments and cause planning uncertainty. In some cases, the hospitals have to close this gap with interim financing via bank loans amounting to millions. “

“In order to relieve the hospitals, we are calling on NEOS to reduce this payment period to six months. In 2022 in particular, a transfer must be possible within this time. To this end, we have tabled a motion that will be dealt with in the coming committee meeting on Wednesday, ”concluded Huber.

You can find the application here:

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Inquiries & contact:

State Parliament Club NEOS Salzburg
Christoph Ammerer
Club manager and press officer
0664 / 8878 2467


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