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Künsberg Sarre / Plattner: Appeal to teachers’ union and student representatives: Stand up loudly for education!

Vienna (OTS) “Parents, pupils and teachers need a clear, transparent timetable and clear rules for on-site lessons in good time,” emphasize NEOS education spokeswoman Martina Künsberg Sarre and JUNOS pupil federal chairman Leopold Plattner. After the government wanted to announce possible easing of the hard lockdown on Wednesday, the two insisted that firstly, proposals from the opposition parties should finally be accepted, but also that the teachers and schoolchildren representatives should become active. “Where is your strong voice that shows with proposed solutions how school and education can be made possible again for everyone?”

Künsberg Sarre and Plattner therefore send an open letter to the teachers’ union and the federal student representatives, in which they demand that they speak up for open, safe educational institutions.

Open letter for open schools!

Dear Mr. Kimberger, dear Ms. Bosek,

As chairman of the ARGE of the teachers’ unions and as federal school spokeswoman, you share many concerns with us NEOS and JUNOS. The high priority that we give to education and the interest that schools have good working and learning conditions and a high degree of self-determination by school partners are examples of this.

In the current situation, a lot of what happens or doesn’t happen in schools is externally determined. To some extent, that’s inevitable in a pandemic. For the most part, as we think, it is due to the lack of farsightedness and flexibility of those in charge of politics.

Those who are familiar with everyday school life from the inside know best which preventive measures are possible and practicable: The teachers and students whom you represent. But where is your outcry, your suggestions, your offensive “interference in your own affairs”?

We sorely miss your contribution to the solution. In the public debate about a plan for a – sustainable (!) – reopening of schools, no concept of the teachers’ union, the student council or the federal SGA has come to light. The impression arises that in the majority groups close to the ÖVP of the teacher and student representatives, the turquoise loyalty has more weight than the will to shape education.

There is another way, and it’s never too late. Countries like Ireland show that open schools and successful pandemic control are not mutually exclusive. The Teachers Union of Ireland played an active and creative role in this.

When, if not now, do Austria’s children and young people and their educators need a strong voice? A voice that shows how school and education can be made possible again for everyone? When, if not now, do we have to come up with solutions and defend them emphatically? Get active, take responsibility! You will find constructive fellow campaigners in us.

Together for open and safe schools!

Best regards,

Martina Künsberg Sarre Leopold Plattner

Education spokeswoman for NEOS federal chairman of JUNOS students

Inquiries & contact:

+43 1 522 5000


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